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Calendar 2024

First Term (14 weeks)
4 September - 16 December
Second Term (10 weeks)
8 January - 23 March
Third Term (12 weeks)
8 April - 29th June
Summer (6 weeks)

3rd July - 9th Aug

Term 1
Sept 2023: 14 weeks for all. Monday 4th Sept to Saturday 16th December.

T 1 Mid Term 
Closed Monday 30th Oct to Saturday 4th Nov. School re-opens Monday 6th November.

Christmas Holidays: Last day for lessons will be Saturday 16th Dec 2023
School re-opens Monday 8th January 2024

Term 2

Jan 2024: 10 weeks for all, except Monday students, who will have a 8 week term.
Monday 8th January to Saturday 23rd March.
February: Closed for St Bridget's Day (Monday 5th Feb)
March: Closed Monday 18th March

T 2 Mid Term
Closed from 12th Feb to 17th Feb. School re-opens Monday19th Feb 2024
April: Closed for Easter Holidays: 25th March to 6th April 2024
School re-opens Monday 8th April


Term 3

April 2023: 12 weeks for all, except Monday students, who will have a 10 week term.
Monday 8th April to Saturday 29th June

May: Closed May Bank Holiday (6th May)
June: Closed June Bank Holiday (3rd June)


Last day of lessons Saturday 29th June 2024

Summer Term 

3rd July to 9th August 2024
Runs Wednesdays to Fridays over the Summer. All day to 6pm!

Book now to get a spot! 

Guitar and Bass Lesson at Bray
1 to 1 Music Lesson
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