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Calendar 2023/2024

First Term (14 weeks)
4 September - 16 December
Second Term (10 weeks)
8 January - 23 March
Third Term (12 weeks)
8 April - 29th June


Term 1
Sept 2023: 14 weeks for all. Monday 4th Sept to Saturday 16th December.

T 1 Mid Term 
Closed Monday 30th Oct to Saturday 4th Nov. School re-opens Monday 6th November.

Christmas Holidays: Last day for lessons will be Saturday 16th Dec 2023
School re-opens Monday 8th January 2024

Term 2

Jan 2024: 10 weeks for all, except Monday students, who will have a 8 week term.
Monday 8th January to Saturday 23rd March.
February: Closed for St Bridget's Day (Monday 5th Feb)
March: Closed Monday 18th March

T 2 Mid Term
Closed from 12th Feb to 17th Feb. School re-opens Monday19th Feb 2024
April: Closed for Easter Holidays: 25th March to 6th April 2024
School re-opens Monday 8th April


Term 3

April 2023: 12 weeks for all, except Monday students, who will have a 10 week term.
Monday 8th April to Saturday 29th June

May: Closed May Bank Holiday (6th May)
June: Closed June Bank Holiday (3rd June)


Last day of lessons Saturday 29th June 2024

Guitar and Bass Lesson at Bray
1 to 1 Music Lesson
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