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Terms & conditions

Below is a list of our Terms & Conditions. By signing up to a course and or single lesson at Everest School of Music,  you accept these T&Cs as laid out below. If you have any questions please send us an email and we will get back to you within 48 hours.


To secure your place at Everest School of Music, please call us directly to reserve your spot over the phone or email You will be assigned a slot during this call. Payment for the term is required in full. 
We cannot reserve a place without payment.

Trial Lessons

You can try a single lesson for €28 at any stage. Please call us now to book in.

For existing students, verbal communication to the teacher that you wish to return, will not suffice. You must directly contact the office, on or call 085 2664031.

We will send out reminders to all current students of new terms details including pricing, and cut off date.  If a place is not confirmed by the cut-off date, the slot will be released to another student. We reserve the right to cancel or withdraw lessons.

At Everest School of Music we work to inspire kindness and compassion for all students and staff alike. We ask that all students, parents and guardians be courteous at all times to members of staff, other students and any Everest Music & Piano Shop customers. We will not tolerate any abuse and reserve the right to terminate lessons at any point if a student demonstrates behaviours to the opposite. We reserve the right to cancel lessons at any time.


Any missed lesson by a student, whether or not notified in advance, will be marked as an ‘absent attendance’ and will not be reimbursed/made-up. We would ask that if a student is going to be absent for a lesson, to please notify ESOM either by email ( or phone call/text (085 2664031) so the teacher can be informed in advance. If there is going to be a long absence from lessons due to illness or other circumstances, please communicate this by email and we will do our best to accommodate you but cannot guarantee this.

ESOM reserves the right to make changes to lesson timetables and/or teachers.

In the case of a teacher being absent, a credit will be given. In the case where a teacher cannot attend the school due to Covid but is happy and well to teach, we will offer students the opportunity to undertake the lesson remotely. Students / Parents will be contacted in advance of the lesson to arrange. If it is not possible for a student to do their lesson remotely, they can opt out by notifying the school and will receive a make up credit for the missed lesson.

If a student cannot attend their lesson at ESOM due to illness or COVID19, lessons can take place remotely. Students do not need to miss out!  Please contact us in advance to arrange lesson remotely. This must be done at least 2 hours ahead of the scheduled start time. If contact is made closer to the start time it is at the discretion of the teacher and school staff, if they can provide lesson remotely or not.


Lesson Notes will be sent to each student after their lesson (or in some cases by the end of the day) so please keep an eye on your email to access these Notes. You can log into the student portal here.

If a parent has any issues/concerns, we ask that these issues be communicated with the teacher at the start of the lesson.  Parents/students are encouraged to discuss their progress with their teacher and/or ESOM management .  We would also encourage feedback, and should there be any issues, we would ask you to please communicate these to ESOM management, (email or call 085 2664031), as soon as possible, so your concerns can be dealt with in a speedy and effective manner.


Stay connected with ESOM through email at Remember to check your inbox regularly, including the 'spam' folder, for important communications. If your contact details change, let ESOM know immediately to keep our database updated.


For the safety of students under 18, they must be accompanied by a parent/guardian when not in their lesson. ESOM cannot provide supervision outside of lesson time, so it's essential to promptly collect your child once their lesson ends. To avoid long waits, kindly pick them up on time, and we have a designated waiting area at the back of the shop for their convenience. Thank you for your cooperation. For more information, please check our Child Protection Policy here.


Each student is responsible for applying for any exams and exam fees. These are paid directly to the relevant examining Board. Please discuss with your teacher who will be familiar with the process.

20% OFF

We have many talented students at ESOM, some of whom take exams. For these students, we would like to publicly congratulate them, by posting on our website/social media. The photo will be of them holding their results accompanied by text outlining what they’ve achieved. If you choose to participate in this, you will be automatically entered into a draw to receive 20% off your next Term. If you are interested in partaking, please let your teacher know and he/she can arrange with the school coordinator, Helen, or contact us directly on

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